How do YOU clean your fretboards?
(I'm looking for a fairly simple method to clean it) + what does lighter fluid do ? i mean how do it help clean it
lol are u serious, spit works..? my strat is pretty grimey..
yeah man
works miracles
you can also use water, but i prefer spit
but make sure you dont brush your teeth right before you do it!
it'll leave white toothpaste grimey's on your fretboard
use water with a tiny bit of detergent and a cloth, and i dunno bout u but im not about to go wiping spit up my ****ing fretboard
I use windex, or this guitar cleaner I think it's called love potion #12 or something. I don't know about spit, I don't think it would hurt to try but I wouldn't do it.
Lighter fluid helps dissolve the grime so that you can wipe it off easily.

Cleaning Fretboards
What you need:
- 0000 grade steel wool or 3M Sanding Sponges (Fine/Extra Fine)
- Lighter fluid or 100% rubbing alcohol
- Soft toothbrush
- Clean cotton rag
- Bore/Lemon oil
- Lots of elbow grease & patience

*It is way more easier to clean all your fretboards if you take it out from the body 1st and putting it on the table or if you think its too much hassle assembling it back, then you can just leave it there.

Cleaning the fretboard:
1) Unstring - duh!
2) Use the Sanding Sponges or 0000 grade steel wool & rub gently over the frets, careful not to go against the grains, always make parallel contact with it
3) Clean 1 fret at a time, not going up and down throughout the fretboard
4) Rub gently across the frets, too much pressure isnt necessary as it will ruin the grains
5) Moving to the inlay area, depending on the dirtiness, you can use a thin pick as a scrape to scrape around the inlays
6) If the dirt still remains, then use lighter fluid/rubbing alcohol to remove it
7) Apply some lighter fluid and using the toothbrush, just brush at the sides of the frewires to remove the dirt accumulated at the crack (you dont have to worry about going against the grains on this one)
4) If you're happy with it, then you can now apply bore/lemon oil onto the fretboard, you can just drip some onto the freboard (which i do) and wipe gloss or apply to clean rag 1st -be careful not to use your fingernails as it will leave scratchmarks-
5) If you're not quite happy with it yet, repeat step #6 with toothbrush with applying a bit more force
6) Leave to air dry overnight

Before (rosewood):

Before (maple):

After (rosewood):

After (maple):

Tips* Its not recommended to use alcohol/lighter fluid on maple fretboards but i find it pretty hard to remove the stain so a little wouldnt hurt

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