i recently bought a Jag-Stang off ebay for $600.. but the only one i could find (with a Buy it Now {im impatient}) was fiesta red... i really wanted the sonic blue, but oh well, it was more about the guitar than the color.

so now ive been thinking.. id really just like to apint the guitar myself.. not a solid color... more like a psychedelic collage (Claptons SG). but only on the body.

my questsions are:

- What type of paint should i use? Whats that stuff called that Id put on after im done painting... to make sure it wont fade/wear off?

- After I remove the pickgaurd, what precautions should i take to keep the pickups safe? Would paint harm them?

- I should paint the whole thing white before i do the collage, right?

- And.. Removing the neck, pickgaurd, and bridge are all nessicary, right?

thats all i really have to ask.. i painted an acoustic with a few buddies last 4th of July.. we took mushrooms and thought it was a good idea. it looks cool now, but it looked cooler while we were nuts. (hehe.. when takin off the strings to paint the thing, i couldnt tell if they were loosenin or tightening.. so i kept turnin the tuner til i accidentally broke a string, then handed it off and was like "you take em off.. im too gone")

oh i forgot...

Should i sand the fiesta red off before i do anything?

Wont sanding it down affect the sound in some way?
Yes, sand off the old finish. That's how ya do it.
Most people just sand it until it's rough, and kinda use the old finish as a primer, but I say sand it to the wood. You don't want too thick a finish on any guitar.

Check out these places for supplies and a couple of tips:
I'm not a huge know-it-all when it comes to painting guitars, but if you want a collage-style Claptony guitar, I think the Fiesta Red would make a nice base coat. Then you could do what Jimi did and use nail polish to paint some designs on it.
i dont htink repaintign those guitars is a good idea, cause there arent that many of those out there.

they're cool. i hated my red guitar, but now that i stripped it, i miss it

looked at pics of it the other day

'twasa sexy

plus repainting is hard. kinda. and it can turn out bad
you sonofabitch!! i have a sonic blue jagstang for sale and i really need to sell it to get a quality acoustic. DAMN YOU *shakes fist angrily*

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well you shouldda had it on ebay last month!

plus i got a sweet Fender hard case, a guitar stand, a tuner, a leather strap, and the original Vibrato bar.. all "free"

and i dont really care that this is a limited produced guitar.. im a music major and i plan on making my career something where i just sit around and play the 7 different instruments that i play. (prolly i studio musicians with a few college degrees) so i dont think ill ever sell it.. especially if i give it a custom paint job.

and i dont think ill go Jimi and use nail polish.. sounds a bit risky of chippin off.

what kinda of paint should i use?.. im no art major, so i dont know the types of paint out there.. but i do know there are stuff like latex, acrilic(sp)... watercolor :P
If you go cheap use krylon.If you have a little $$$ to spare check out alsa corp.com they have some bad ass paints
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We need pics of the jagstang. NOW!

its still fiesta red..

im in the designing stage right now...

im drawing up maybe 3 or 4 different psychedelic ideas for the guitar.. then im gonna choose what i like best

when im doen with the designs ill try to add em here

and when its all said n done ill get pics of tyhe finished guitar on. (but that may be a month or two)
Well if you use krylon you should wait a couple months prior to finish sanding.Oh yeah,and you are going to want to wait about three days minimum between each diferent phase of painting.I.E. sealer,primer,color and clear.
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