Well, I was just wondering, what are some good nylon string guitars for around $250 CDN (~$220 USD). I know it's quite a low budget, but I have little money to spend

Anyways, I was looking around on musician's friend and found this:

Seeing as I have no knowledge of nylon guitars, would you say this is a good guitar to go for? Or is there something I could do better with?

Also, I found a used Valencia 190-CE with a cutaway that has been upgraded a bit with better Machine heads, German electronics - Shadow 5 Band EQ with anti-feedback circuitry and under-saddle transducer, a rosewood bridge with an upgraded compensated bone saddle, and an upgraded bone nut, for $250 CDN ($220 USD). It was only bought a year ago, and has no damage.

Is that Valencia a good deal? Or should I go with the Ibanez? >.> Or is there another guitar I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance.
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