Hi to all you UGers.

I found a used Jackson Ps-67 in near mint condition, except for some scratches and such in the paint job.
It was a few years old and made in Japan. That was all that he knew about it.
So do any of you guys have any more info on it?
I just searched google for it and a porn site came up. It was the only one that had the actual phrase "Jackson Ps-67" on it (apart from ebay) an it was in russian. I clicked translate this page and well I got a shock...

not good when you're in the uni library. lol
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I found a non-porn, guitar-based page, but it's in a language that I don't reckognise, probably something european but I don't know what.

lol something european, that's a pretty big generalisation.
anyway looks like a kelly , with jackson pickups, nothing fancy.
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Yeah, and that's the article about the guitar I was curious about.. So.. No big progress. You just got to see picks with it.