Somehow i've clicked something that has made my taskbar/toolbar or whatever you call it, the thing with the start menu on it, be on the side of the screen instead of the bottom. So it's like vertical instead of horizontal.

Does anyone know how to change it back please?
i've done this before too.

when i restarted it, it went back.

but i'm curious how to do this without restarting too.
do you mean the little blue on at the botom with start menu and stuff? if yes you click and hold the drag it to the side of the screen you want it to be
Drag it to where you want it. Roflmfao.
Right-click the task bad. There's an option that says "Lock the Taskbar"

Apparently, it's been turned off and that's why you were able to drag it up there

When you drag it back down, click "lock the taskbar" so it won't move again
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haha, i see.

i had tried that when mine did it but apparently it was locked there.
You'll also find that it looks a lot better when you lock the taskbar, it doesn't have that nasty looking blue line on top of it

And you won't accidently resize it and all that.
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