I've got the day off cos its pissing PSHE all day, and frankly, I could be doing much more productive things.

Like playing Rayman. I've got all these game soundtracks on my pc, a lot of them are playstation ones, and I just got a wave of nostalgia when listening to them, Rayman, Final Fantasy 7, MGS, Moooortaaal Koommbaaat, loads of em.

So I was wondering if anyone knew any websites or suchlike, where I can play them or download them or something. Like an emulator thing or whatever they're called.

I would play them on the ps, but Rayman has disappeared, my brothers nicked off with FF7 to uni, he also foolishly swapped MGS for Micro Machines about 7 years ago.

Although, micro machines was a good game...
Yeah i've got the Sega Megadrive if all else fails.

Bit o' Sonic 2.

So do I need to download the emulator, and then download the games?
Ok, cheers, got the "best ps1 emulator", just figuring out the setup now.

Apparently I need to google some stuff to get the "bios".

EDIT: got all the plug ins and bios and stuff, so now what? Do I download the games or can i just put them in my pc cd/dvd drive?
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Hmm...guess I got nothing to add to this thread since I don't download game songs. But I love the word Nostalgia, one of my favorite words ever.

And I do love the Mortal Combat theme song.