Heyy Everyone,

My good mate suffers from a lot of anxiety, and i try to help but it gets annoying (no offence to her). And i've tried all i can to re-assure her bout stuff but i duno how to help her overcome her problem!

So if you could help me , help her. That would very appreciated.
Cheers, Ben.
Don't make stuff seem like a big deal, like if you want to go for example to a gig, don't be all like "itll be ok, dont worry, ill walk in with you, im sure youll get in, but if you dont blahdeblah", you know? From personal experience, that doesn't really help. It'll make her think and worry about more stuff, because you've accidentally made it seem like a big deal.

Argh, it's hard to explain.

Im also making a huge assuption about the kind of anxiety she has, so sorry if i'm totally wrong.
Nah mate i get ya. I am trying to get her to understand everythings like not a big deal. But she just doesn't get it..because it's the way her mind works.

She knows what her every move is (well nearly) so i told her to not plan her life and stuff forget whats going to happen tomrrow etc. But she still worrying botu teh future and whats going to happen to her/
is she seeing a therapist about this? If not she should be.
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Send her to a hypnotist. She should see a therapist about this.
Hey, I've been there, on both ends of the anxiety, PM me if you've got AIM or MSN and we can talk on there, I'll help you as much as I can. I'm a psych major and I've been through tons of counseling, so, I might be able to help.