The title is pretty self explanatory. Post what you think is the most annoying band or song in history. Try to have some reasoning behind your choices as well.
I'm tired of hearing nickleback, disturbed, korn, three days grace, hinder, ect. every time i turn on the radio.

korns acoustic shit is just plain bad, he has no business singing without a lot of noise covering up his voice.
Fall Out Boy, the guys voice just grates on me, and their music is all so samey, When you listen to a Fall Out Boy album you're thinkin "damn this is one long opening track!" but in actual fact it's about 4 tracks in, you just couldn't tell.

Coldplay, they're like Radiohead-lite. None of the complexity and intelligence that make Radiohead great, but still somehow sounding Radiohead like. just worse, less interesting and sucky.

My Chemical Romance - the black Parade, not the song, the album. I liked MCR's 1st 2 albums, thought they were pretty decent slightly gothy pop punk with a slice of emo.
NOW i dunno how to class them other than boring. HATE the careerest mentality of Gerard Way, I believe they changed to make more money, and thats just shit.

Snow Patrol & Keane, two british bands who make mony by rehashing the same songs over and over. And they ain't even interesting songs. Everytime a song of theirs comes on the radio at work I cringe. It's just poor unimaginitive song writing.

Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium. 2 'metalcore' bands that used to make decent music until they decided they wanted to 'sound more like their influences' and made a pair of albums that although weren't awful, sounded just like their influences. If I wanted that i'd just listen to GnR and Metallica thanks a bunch lads. Also their egos are grotesque and undeserved.

Thats albout all I can muster at the moment
Um, why did you make this thread when the same exact thread is right below it?

That is most overrated band and its a poll. This is band thats annoying to you and also songs.
Anyways, most annoying song to me, at least right now is; Your Beautiful - James Blunt

That song is everywhere, sounds like shit and its lyrics have been used countless times in previous love songs, its so ****ing repetitive....