as a waiter in a workingmans club, and it was my job to being the food out while my friend Leanne set the tables and cleared them. So this guy sits at a table she was about to set, it had no cutlery. I walked past and he said to me "Hey asshole, wheres the cutlery?" He was about 40, im only 16. So i said "Just a moment sir i'll get you some" so i show up again with cutlery and give it to him. Then i bring him his meal and he says "If they pay you to do the ****ing job then you should ****ing do it right" My boss happened to be walking past and this guy was kicked out of the club straight away. Any good work stories that you've had?
to be honest, thats not a good story
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Indian guy complained that I fingered his fish.

I didn't! I had sex with it.
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Indian guy complained that I fingered his fish.

I didn't! I had sex with it.

ahaha that made me laugh
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to be honest, thats not a good story

Yep. Subway SPAWNS good sucky customer stories.
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Yep. Subway SPAWNS good sucky customer stories.

do tell
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Oh man...too many to even count. I work at a canoe rental during the summer, so lots of tourist. I'll just put the best ones down. My boss isn't exactly the guy to mess with, nor are any of the bus drivers.

Well, these people were pissed (mid twenties) about not getting their deposit back because they were late. It was like $20 and we were willing to give half back, but they still were mad. So they get in their truck and spin their tires, sending gravel everywhere with kids all around. My boss, a bus driver, and his son jump into one of the vans and take off after them. They finally catch up to them and try to get them to pull over. They didn't so the bus driver opens the door and jumps out of the van into the back of the truck and makes them pull over. They have an all out brawl in the middle of the street and kick 2 of the guys asses. Well they all get back with blood all over them. We actually have pictures of them afterwards, so I wish I could show it. Surpsringly no cops were called over it, but they called back saying they were going to sue us but nothing came of it.

I've screwed up a couple of things working there. I blew out a bus engine (timing chain went out), blew up a truck engine (not my fault), backed into a car with a trailer (that was my fault), and gave a guy 12 stitches above the eye because he walked behind me while loading a canoe. This is all in a 4 year period and I've actually seen worse.
an asshat kept telling me to cut his hair shorter. so it did. then he'd say shorter, so i did. Anyways all of a sudden he goes "too short" so I go " it'll grow back" and he laughed. He gets up and pays for it, leaves and my manager who watched the whole haircut goes "what a dick".
About 30 secs later he come back and goes, "I want my money back cos it's not what I asked for" My boss goes " The hell you talking about" , Then this guy says " aww, I didn't want it this short" My boss then goes " What do you mean"?? The customer goes " I said I only wanted a trim, it is too short i want my money back or I'll tell my friends not to come here". My boss lokks at me and we laugh, and He goes " what friends??? You are not getting a refund cos I heard you ask to take it shorter and shorter even when he advised you not to" The guy goes " I wont be coming back here" Then my boss goes " good, and go and tell your friend or whatever" then the customer storms out as we laugh at him. My one greatest moment in barbering.
I was at a hardware store today picking up parts for a Satellite with my boss..and a shirtless prostitute walked past. lol.
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with my last job I watched my licenced contractor who i was working with that day blow up a 100A 240V main panel by mistake...something was made wrong and so when powered up the meter outside the house flew a good 30 feet away from the house...

It was dangerous but nobody got hurt so i called it an interesting day...
however we did have to rewire a new panel after that keeping us there for a few extra hours...........
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I was at a hardware store today picking up parts for a Satellite with my boss..and a shirtless prostitute walked past. lol.

thinking of the hardware store

someone once tried to walk out of the local home depot with 50 feet of 1/4" copper pipe without paying.

he didn't get far and watching everyone chase him was fun
I used to work at a cement ornament place (concrete angels and that kind of thing for your lawn/garden) and my job was essentially to lug around 100-200 pound statues all day, as well as load them on people's carts and all that (I gained 25 pounds of muscle in one summer, let me tell you..). But anyways, one day I'm loading about 40 patio tiles onto the back of this guys truck, and he goes in and pays well I'm doing it. He comes out, half talking to himself, gets in the truck, starts the ignition and starts to drive away with me still on the back of the truck loading another tile. I set the tile down and am just like... "Uh, what the hell is he doing?" So I banged on the back window and gave him a wink and he stopped immediately. Idiot, haha. However, it was fun to hear him apologize for 15 minutes well I finished up. He even gave me a $5 tip, haha.
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I work in a seafood restaurant in our town, and my boss is in the kitchen taking pictures of a coconut cream pie that he sliced himself. I asked him why he was taking pictures of it, he told me he did a good job. Anyhow, he said, 'Brandon, I have a job for you'. So naturally I ask him what. He takes the slice of pie and shoves it in my face, he then says 'Go clean up, you're a mess'. I have loads like that from there hah.
Holy Crap, that's just funny. He probably had a piss-off day and wanted to take it out on a 16 year old to relieve himself that is very manly.
I work in a pub and I just generally have a laugh with all the regulars and other bar men there.
One time my manager was working and a woman came up to him to be served, as she ordered her drinks, for no reason whatsoever, he walks all the way to the other side of the bar where I was stood and shouts in my ear: "**** me George, look at the tits on that!" Then proceeds to casually stroll over back to the woman and finished serving her.
I usually just stand behind the bar and sing and dance to whatever the DJ is playing, I enjoy making a fool of myself at work
I work at a dog day care and it was snack time so they gave me dog biscuits to feed the dogs so I snuck one and ate it and it was ****in good!
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Many work stories:

I once worked the drive-thru at Tim Horton's and this guy was being a dick to me (probably because his girlfriend was with him and hanging all over him). "Hey jerk, I need a straw for my drink." I'll get it for you with your drink sir. "I said I need my DRINK!" It's on it's way sir. "This is bullshit." His girlfriend's all "You tell him Ricky!" So I go to get his drink and my friend/co-worker Julianne asks me what's wrong, and I told her about the guy and I said, "Yeah, I got out of the habit of being a dick at the drive-thru when I was 16" and we both laugh. The guy heard us laughing and said, "What's so funny asshole? You fuckin' laughing at me?" And I got in his face and said, "No, I was just telling my friend that I got out of the habit of being a DICk at the DRIVE-THRU when I was 16!!" His girlfriend leaned back over on her side like "Oh God..." And he goes, "Wha? I! You, I, ugh...." then drives off.

I used to work at a small convienance store in Tennessee. The manager and owner was a 22 year old creative writing major named Todd who was this major Indie scenester guy. His dad died and left him the store, so it was just me and this guy all day, playing Pavement records on the speakers all day. It was pretty great, but highly unprofessional. It was very Clerks-like. One day Todd's walking around the store all day, holding his stomach and groaning. For 5 hours, he just keeps mumbling and groaning and holding his stomach. So this little girl is buying a candy bar, and I'm taking her money, and as I take her money I ask Todd, "Dude, what's wrong?" And right in front of the girl he literally yells, "DUDE! I can't fucking tell if I have to shit or fart!" The little girl gave him a disgusted look and ran away.
Poor advice.
In response to the Subway stories, Subway kinda just sucks. I worked there for a summer and they told me to cut the rotten tomatoes and everything. I'm never eating there again.
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I seriously lol'd at the title of this thread
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one day I was working as a receptionnist in a little motel and two guys who were staying there came to me and said "dude we need you to get us 2 hooker" that was ****ed up, but they assure me that I would get a nice tip

Too bad I never was able to call the hooker
so the lesson here is : when you work in a ****ing motel, learn where the **** are the hooker, always handy
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