okay yall. my friend's gonna start on electric pretty soon, got a month to buy one. both amp and guitar. now lemme tell you guys a lil bit bout em...

he aint good to be honest, cant strum that well either. he's classical trained but knows shit about theory and stuff cause he quit the classes after about 3 months or so. he's already got a type of music he wants to play, which i doubt he can now...Metal. so instead of getting him a metal guitar, i was thinking picking out a few guitars which are pretty versatile but yet is still capable of making some metal tones. so its humbucker all the way! or a s/s/h. whatever, will be teaching him some simple songs from greenday, all american rejects and all those pop punk based bands so he might need single coils too.

i'll list a few that caught his eye

squier strat



the ones i picked out for him



there are some copies which look pretty decent. they dont have web pages so you guys cant rate em. but do help me/him out here.

budgets about 100-200 usd. im in malaysia so im guessing his budget to be about there.


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any of the ibanez ones will be good, squiers arent very good, especially not for metal
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Ibanez RG350EX

Vox Valvetronix 30
I'd say go for the Ibanez GSA60, or a cheap Ibanez RG

They're really versitile, a guy at my school had the exact same Ibanez GSA60 and he played everything from rock, metal, to blues and classical music on that guitar, really versitile

Me personally i have an Ibanez RG350EX and i love it, i can go from meta riffs to very Strat sounding solo's. Really good for the dollar and you can thrash them like mental, great beginner guitars!

Just don't go for Squiers, they're basically stuck to one music style, and they're just cheap and nasty, atleast get something you can use for a number of things, the humbucker really does make a big difference in the long run
Out of the ones you listed i would go with the rg, it's not the greatest guitar, but u can't expect too much for this price. Normally i prefer the s series over rgs, but the ones you listed aren't very good...
Are used guitars an option? if so i would look into that a little more...
I think if you're going for the broad spectrum of sounds you need to go Ibanez. for the price you can't really get better or as versatile.

I prefer S type Ibanez myself, I think they look and sound better.
to yoyoyoguitar

nope. used guitars arent an option. no one i know around this place is willing to sell theirs, the local guitar website here dont really garauntee the condition etc. ive known quite a few who got cheated so i think it'd be best if he doesnt take that leap.

to SDM

we'll have to try out the GSA60 then. he MIGHT be able to shell out some cash for the SA120. i'll check with him. and ive checked out the RG350EX, it has a floating bridge. personaly id keep him away from that seeing that he's a beginner. but thanks for the input for the GSA.

anybody else?

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go check out Bentleys near Sungai Wang. loads of Ibanez Fender and Squier, some Jacksons too.
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go check out Bentleys near Sungai Wang. loads of Ibanez Fender and Squier, some Jacksons too.

malaysian? lol

yeah i might take him there. so im looking for some feedbacks for the guitars he should try out there (those mentioned). anyways, how much do the jacksons go for at bentleys?

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^nar. i asked him. said it was outta his budget. anything cheap and reasonable good you guys could suggest?

You know they rock.