ok so i have a epiphone les paul black buety, its pick up configuration is H-H-H, is i posible for me to install a 5 way pickup selector like on strats and how would it sound

ps im also in the market for a new middle pickup and suggestions
hm, so it would be like...

Pick up possision

1 bridge humbucker

2 middle humbucker

3 Neck humbucker

4 Bridge and middle humbucker

5 middle and neck humbucker


Im sure its possible but, i think it would be tricky to impliment, unless your familier with the wiring in a guitar but since your asking your probs not so errm. go to local guitar shop/repair shop get a quote on how much it'll cost and see, as you'll probs need your guitar routed for the switch etc. In honesty, i dont think its worth it, especially on a Epiphone but, it's upto you, see how much it costs.
I have the same guitar and same problem. People reccomended a 'rotary switch' to me but I haven't looked into it yet.

Oh and I would change all your pups not just the middle, the pickups in these guitars have about the same sound quality as a cow being raped inside a room made of foam.

They're so muddy I hate them. Wish I had to cash to change mine.
maybe you should get a P-94 for the middle position? its single coil but will fit directly where the humbucker was fitted.dont expect it to sound like a strat or anything but itll definitely give a great tone,much different to the current pickup you have.

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I'm sure it's possible, but your best bet is to get a pro to set the wiring up, as someone said, you'll probably have to change some of the routing to create five different pick-up configurations. And as was also pointed out, to make such a trivial change to the sound worth the money you'll spend on it, a change of pick-ups is probably a good idea. The pick-ups you go for are purely personal choice.
neck and bridge
neck and middle
middle and bridge


how about you get your self a rotary switch and repalce one of your tone knobs and wire it up like this


then use the original switch as a kill switch, that way the look of your guitar will not be altered and youd have alot of new options
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I'd set it up like ths myself.

1 Bridge
2 Upper coil of bridge+lower coil of middle
3 Middle
4 Top coil of middle, bottom coil of neck
5 Neck

That would require replacing all the pickups though, I'm assuming the stocks will all have 2 conductor wiring and they'd all need to be 4 conductor to split them like that. God only knows what kind of switch you'd need Using buzz's trick of the P94 in the middle would make things a lot easier, you'd just need an Ibanez type 5-way then.

If you're only going to change one pickup just change the bridge or neck, they're more useful than the middle.
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where can you get a P94?
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i assume youre American http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-P94R-Humbucker-Sized-P90-Neck-Pickup?sku=306914

it says neck but itll be absolutely fine in the middle.

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