Take a trip to Coronation Street
There's a few people I'd like to meet
Shake their hands good 'n' proper
1st of all there's Hayley Cropper
Then I'd meet her husband Roy
Then I'd meet Chesney, little boy
Then I'd meet his mam Cilia
Then I'd meet Richard the serial killer
Oh no, I forgot he's dead
Go to the butchers to meet Fred
I'm gonna greet 'em
I'll go in the shop to meet Rita
She's got a big nose
She's gay, that's the way it goes
Isn't Fred dead too?

Anyway, if it was funny it might be quite entertaining but as it is, I don't think there's much to it.
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legend mate !
secret corrie fan here lmao
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This is the smartest question ever posted in the pit. I commend you.

I asked about theory of reality and this is what someone said to me!