Wow, little disappointed that there wasn't a Lynch thread in this area. This guy was the one that got me playing guitar back when I was 16. Have always loved his playing. Dokken, Lynch Mob, solo stuff. Just has this darker / ethereal feeling to a lot of his stuff compared to most 80's stuff. And he always comes up with killer tone even if he changes it from album to album.

Got to meet him twice now. Back on the Wicked Sensation tour and again on the S/T. Got to hang with him and a few other people at their hotel room. He let me play the lime green Kamakazi and Haji. He seemed a bit 'odd' that '92 tour. Just very guarded / spacey second time around.

My fav vid of him playing. From one of his instructional vids: Lynch jamming

Just a very cool jam if you ask me.

Any other Lynch fans out there?
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I like Kiss of Death and Mr. Scary. Other than those I havn't really heard anything that stands out too much.

I dont know who george lynch is but I have seen people rave about him for quite some tmie now. Lots of places they conside him a great guitarist.

Before had heard about him he was in my city and a arms length away jamming. I could have spoken to him for hours, autographs, et al. But I dont know how good or who he is?

I still dont?......I wonder if it is an oppurtunity missed?
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Eh...I went through this huge phase where I thought he was the greatest thing to walk the earth.

Now it's just kinda.....meh. I still like his playing, but not in the fanatical way I did before.

EDIT: And by the way, I am fairly certain that there is in fact a thread about him floating around here somewhere
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