I posted this thread over in the Musician's talk thread, and maybe it should have belonged here.

I'm just starting to get a band together; me on guitar, a bass and a drum (the only good local keyboardist from our school graduated last year... he goes to Maine and We're in CT ). We're going to do only instrumental stuff for now as we can't decide what kind of singer we want. So far I'm going to see if we can cover:

OSI- The New Math (what he said)
Porcupine Tree- Wedding Nails

Any other suggestions? (oh yeah, and it would be helpful if some of the stuff was maybe on the easier side, we're not too experienced)
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Try some of the slower Satriani stuff...Starry Night...Always With Me, Always With You...A Love Eternal...
Slash rules.....

EDIT: sorry i didn't read the "not too experienced part" and scarified seems pretty hard.
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i agree with the guy who suggested starry night. very easy and beutiful
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^Kinda bland to me........

Satch songs, Hands in The Air, Oriental Melody, You Saved My Life......

Or..... you could just cover a classic song......
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!

Your bassist and drummer will also need to work on it abit though :P
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Red by King Crimson isn't too bad, just a few odd time sigs that feel pretty natural. I'm not sure about how tough the drums are, though.
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Listen to this. It's a compliment of Jazz, Country and Shred. Brad Paisley, he's perfect.

Time Warp (He goes a lot faster progressively)
Munster Rag (He goes a lot faster progressively - after the first minute, he goes crazy)

Links to come. He's not really a shred artist. He's a country artist but he can definitely shred the hell out of his guitar.
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