anyone know whats the difference between the EVH flanger and the normal MXR flanger have?(I know the button is ont he evh one but what does it do??) my local guitar store doesnt carry the EVH one so i cant test it..

and would any of these 2 flangers be better/more worth than a EHX deluxe electric mistress??

From their site:
the EVH Switch, which instantly calls up Eddie's "Unchained" sound with the exact same Manual, Speed, Width, and Regeneration settings that he used to get one of the greatest guitar tones of all time
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I have the Electric Mistress, and would never even consider trading it for an MXR. Very vintage sounding, deep and rich, yet has no trouble nailing "Unchained," either.

Although I guess that is "vintage" to the kids who post here...
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For much less check out the Ibanez FL-9. Absolutely a great flanger pedal. You should be able to find one used for around $35.
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