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Oh yeah, and Asura from Vagrant Story.

Vagrant Story is a well hard game to play because gamers are a bunch of little preteen pussies.
In the original bloodryne there where these dogs in some tower that kept re-appearing. i used all my ammo about 3 times so i gave up. i think thats the only time i ever just gave up on a game.
I would say the bloke at the end of the Turok game on the N64; although that was a long time ago and I was a computer noob. I only got there with cheats, and I just remember it taking absolutely ages with all the cheats on.
i dont play games very often so i havent had much experience but i would have to say the spider guy from metal gear solid 3
The last boss on revenge of shinobi. what a ****er.

I have to admit a few of the bosses on lost planet x-360 really gave me the shits.
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That nigga from halo 2 when you gotta beat him as the Arbiter, but he's one of the rebel covenant or something. he's got all holograms and shit.
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No... Herman Li's just really good...

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the sorrow


i cant get past it all

my revival pill doesnt work

tis annoying...anyone wanna PM me a way around this please?


Keep going until you find a corpse in the river, then you should die. Use a revival pill.


Go beneath the water, and wait until you drown. Use the revival pill.

If neither of those work, you're screwed.
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The giant monster in the lake of Resident Evil 4
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this boss in kingdom hearts 2, he would throw pink lazer daggers at you then lazer swords that fly around the arena and he could warp and whatnot, took me ages the bastid
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Alot of the bosses from the DMC games were hard, the big spider thing, the nightmare. Was an awesome game just cuz it was a challenge.
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Omega weapon from FFVIIII If you play the game right he's not bad, you just have to have a very exact plan starting from the VERY BEGINNING OF THE GAME. Considering its a 4 game disc and he's at the very end of the 4th disc, that says a little something extra. Also Emerald weapon. But one of the guys from the last time this thread was done had a bitchin strategy to take him out
Omega from final fantasy X or Sephiroth from FF7. But damn those were the good days.
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the sorrow


i cant get past it all

my revival pill doesnt work

tis annoying...anyone wanna PM me a way around this please?

Sure thing.


On topic, Emerald Weapon on FFVII. That thing is a beast.

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Sigma from MegaMan X. (SNES)

Have never beat him (except on an emulator)

I actually found Sigma ridiculously easy to beat,,,just climb up the side of the wall and stay at the top charging your x-buster,,,then when hes about to jump at you from the opposite wall fall off the wall and shoot him,,,then he'll jump off the wall right above you and you can repeat that,,,,when his mask goes into the big machine thing just stick to the sides and dash across when he uses the ice or fire thing,,,, i usually got hurt more by his stupid dog then him,,,that is if i didnt kill the dog in one shot with the hyduken,,
The end boss in Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams probably; but not because the boss himself was very hard, he just has a stupid amount of health, and it takes about an hour to kill the bastard (either that or I just plain suck at video games).
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On topic, Emerald Weapon on FFVII. That thing is a beast.

agreed, seconded, and drunk to
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Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson's Punch Out. I was a kid and it was a pain.

The last guy on Red Faction was brutal, too. I still haven't beat it. I think you're supposed to fly one of the little crafts I blew up before the last save point, so I'm screwed.
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How about Diablo in the first Diablo game. And of course the Ruby Weapon from FF7.
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The giant monster in the lake of Resident Evil 4

Really? I thought it was surprisingly easy considering the size of it.

I honestly don't recall many 'hard' bosses. However, there are some bosses that aren't hard, but very annoying. I think the Caterpillar thing in the Tower of Hera (A Link to the Past) is a honourable mention, as it is such a frustrating boss. You don't die, but you're forever being knocked off the platform when fighting and falling down a single floor only to come back up and have to start over.

I don't think game bosses are technically hard unless you're playing the game on a hard difficulty. There's not many bosses on normal setting who're hard.

Ohhh, the 'Deer Haunter' in Timesplitters: Future Perfect on the Haunted Mansion level is a bitch on hard mode in co-operative (It has much more health). It takes so long to kill and is usually biased in only attacking one player. It can be defeated, but it takes some skill.

Oh, another Timesplitters related one. Robot Factory on TS2 in hard mode on co-operative is almost impossible. My friend and I have never been able to beat it. Sure, I've beat it on hard in single player, but there's a lot more enemies in co-op.
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Gyorg, the fish boss from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Granted I was young when I first played the game, but it's always stuck out as one of the hardest fights.
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