so how long would it take for a tube to get old you know, giving you a worse sounding amp?

I'm planning on buying a fender hot rod deluxe but the add says it was bought in 1997 but haven't been used last 5 years. but I mean... that's still 10 years....how bad could it be? It says it's in mint condition but I don't know.....?

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If they haven't been used and they were still good the last time they were used, they're probably still good now. The only problem is that with use old tubes can start to sound a little stale, but that's with consistent use over an 18-24 month period. Should be fine. And if you're really concerned, just set aside some bucks to do a tube swap.
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Since you can change the tubes theres no real problem.
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Yeah man go ahead and grab it and swap out the tubes if they're bad. Those are great little amps!