when i press the button on my laptop it doesnt turn on even with the power cable plugged in and its carrying power but the light on the computer says no power is getting to it, so i take the battery out and plug in the teh cable and it turns on, but then i can put the battery back in and take the power cable out and it runs on the battery wtf???

i could be wrong but something simlar happened to me, so check the fuse in the charger, even if its not the fuse it could still be a fault in the adapter. thats what happened to mine, andi had to get a new one.
nothing to do with the adaptor because it works with the adaptor plugged in when i have taken the battery out?
^ useful man i can see you know alot about computers , anyone got any real answers with any computer knowledge.
The same thing happened to me on my old Sony Vaio laptop. When you connect the adaptor to the figure 8 lead, can you hear it crackling (the sparks) - is the light on the adaptor on? If so, then it's the battery, which is completely dead. If you hear no crackling, it's likely the adaptor. Try the same plug with a similar connection (a figure 8) and see if you can hear the crackling.
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