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Ec 500 White
34 52%
Ec 400 Tobaco Sunburst
31 48%
Voters: 65.
I play everything from Metal or blues to classic rock.
I need a guitar with good distortion and will also have good cleans.
The only thing im not liking about the Ltd-400 is that it has 22 frests but then again will i really need that extra 2 frets.
I can use my ibanez Rg is i need the 24 frets.

The price for the guitars is the same..

Set-Neck / 24.75”
3-Pc. Mahogany / Rosewood
Earvana Compensated / 42mm
Thin U Neck
Flags Inlays
24 XJ
Tune-o-matic w/ Stop Tailpiece
EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N) Active

Set-Neck / 24.75”
Mahogany w/ Flamed Maple Top
3-Pc. Mahogany / Rosewood
Earvana Compensated / 42mm
22 XJ
Tune-o-matic w/ Stop Tailpiece
Seymour Duncan JB (B) / ’59 Set
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I would go with the LTD, they feel better when you play them, the pickup set is more diversified for a range of sounds, and why do you need those extra two frets anyways?
the sunburst one definatly!! bit of a no brainer from my percpective, looks so much better
The burst one is probably the most versatile.
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The EC-400 is more versatile, but if you play lots of metal you should probably get the EC-500 (which I think looks better; I'm not a big flamed maple fan and white guitars are sexy!).

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The whites pretty, sunburst will be far more versatile for me and is still well pretty.
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Wow didnt think i was gone get this much help..
Ty all im still not sure which to get.
Need about 2 more pay checks before i can get it anyway..
they're so similar its really which you prefer the look of and if you're bothered about having 2 extra frets.

but then i notice the pick ups are different. hmm, so its an active/passive question also
EC-400, because although the EC-500 will have a great metal tone with EMG'S, it will suck total ass at everything else.

Plus the EC-400 looks amazing.
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The EC-400. It's awesome.
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Sunburst, I would have picked white if it didnt show dust so easily
Theyre both beautiful guitars. i voted white but now that i realize the pickup difference then maybe the tobacco
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^if you want 24 frets, why not look at guitars with 24 frets?

a Washburn X50 pro will do everything that you are looking for. it will run you about 600 dollars.
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Tobacco Sunburst because it looks awesome and it won't show every speck of dirt and grime.
if you play mostly metal than go for the EC-500, the 81-60 EMG combo is way nice
I voted ESP LTD EC-400 purely off of aesthetics

They are both going to sound good clean and distorted. The tone is what is different from EMG's or Duncans.

The set in the EC-400 are going to sound thick and clean when the gain is lower, and have a fat dynamic sound when dirty.

The EMG's are going to sound thin but dark when the gain is low, and have an extremly tight percussive sound when dirty.

Play em both, you're the one thats going to have to live with that guitar for a few years not us.
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