I've been educated in England and am looking to go to Uni is america (I am a american citizen) therefore I should probably take the sats, so does anyone know any good practise books for them? or what should I do to prepare? I'll probably take them some time in march.
Also are they harder for an english student then an american student?

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they dont really matter that much tbh

just for info for the school, really no big deal

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They are a big deal. SATs\ACTs determine whether or not you are accepted into the school of your choice. Also, many institutions use SAT scores as an indicator as to how successful you will be (trust me, both my wife and I work in higher education). I doubt that being an English student as opposed to an American student will make any difference. Check out the college boards site for more info:


Also, check to see if the school you want to go to has any special requirements for international students. There may be other exams you need to take.
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SAT's are soooooooooooooo easy man.
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theres quite a few practice books out there...i think their pretty much the same. easiest way is to sign up for the SAT question of the of day at collegeboard.com. thats all i ever did, and i aced them.

yes, they are important, but colleges are moving away from the amount of emphasis put on them...a lot of colleges are going SAT optional, and they put way more weight on your high school GPA. its a test that you can be trained to ace, and so taking the SAT these days is really only an inidcator of your ability to take the SAT, and not reasoning etc.

good luck