I went to guitar center the other day and was looking to get the DS-2 but it was out of stock. I was checking out some of the other BOSS pedals and tried the Medal Zone and liked the sound it was putting out for One Step Closer...so i ended up getting the ML-2 and still have 30 days to return it if i end up not liking it...would i want to stick with this pedal to get a good LP tone? ...on the Boss website they say the pedal is good for Nu-Metal which is Linkin Park...any suggestions?
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Its not about what others think usually when its to do with tone, it personal preference, if you think it sounds good. Then don't let others change your mind.


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If you think it puts out a good sound for One step closer, and other LP songs, stick to it... It's your choice, we can't choose for you, and if you think it is, keep it
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Having said what I said, I have never tried that pedal, but there has to be advantages and disadvantages for your use of it. If the advantages way out the disadvantages, it's probably best to keep it.



Orange Rocker 30 head and a Tiny Terror