(no offence to Dark Sonata)

So yeah this all transpired at a local show my band and i did. Someone was screaming the entire time to play skinnard, even were like folk/power/epic metal so my other guitarist did something and we all just kindof went with it..here are the lyrics:

Wings Ablaze

Take this pain away
I don't need it annymore
Take these guns away
They have taken twice before

A fallen lover is coming through the clouds
An angel with her wings abalze is coming down
all my brothers are the sons of forsaken crown
now lets burn this mother down

Tell me when moon turns red
and fireflies don't fill your head
wake me when the sky turns green
and nothing seems what it means

Tell me when the sun turns blue
and theres nothing left that we can do
tell mewhen your dreams turn free
and theres only angels here with me

Guitar solo
Synth solo

Take this shame away
I dont need it annymore
Tak these pills away
they have taken me before

A burning lover coming through the ground
A demon with wings of pain wraped around
All my brothers are kings of hollowed ground
now lets tear this mother down

Synth solo
Guitar solo

the lyrics are pretty cool, just imaging them to a heavier Lynyrd Skynyrd kind of tune.