Well at the moment in my rig I use a Behringer EQ pedal (one of those insanely cheap ones) and I just use cheap patch cables I got from my local music shop. I think they were about £1.50 each

but yeah I was just wondering if upgrading to a Boss GE-7 EQ pedal and using George L's patch cables will REALLY improve my tone that much?
i remeber switching from them cheap cables you can buy to venom cables, man the differance in quality of sound and tone just blew me mind i tottaly was not expecting such a radical differance, i would recomend to anyone to use pro cable for sure in particular venom cables!
the equalizer might, have no experience with EQ pedals.

the cables won't improve your tone dramatically, but they'll get rid of any buzzing, and give you a clearer tone somewhat
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Monster are WAY too overpriced. George L's is very good, but those solderless connectors are crap: bound to malfunction. George L's cable with Neutrik plugs = the shit.
I'm still on the hunt for a new amp and guitar. From the 1st time round I can say that cheep cables are a pain in the ass! They always cut out on me for a start. after buying about 3 sets of leads I decided to get some better ones. They wasn't a big name brand but they were better than the cheep ones

I was thinking about getting some planet waves cables when I get a new rig sorted out I'v not heard anyone say a bad word about them, so I think they'd be worth checking out. only downside is finding somewhere that stocks them and the can be a little pricey.

I liked the sound of venom cables on paper they seemed quite good for the price. the only place that I knew that stocked them was GAK in Briton but they don't have them listed on their site anymore does anyone have any sites that stock them in the UK? and from memory their website wasn't as obvious as venom cables . so does any one have their address handy?

sorry for hi jacking your thread
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What amp and guitar do you have?

I have an Ibanez S470 and a Roland Cube 60

if it matters, I also use a Boss DS-2, ZVEX Fuzz Factory and dunlop crybaby
The best thing you could do to improve your tone is to get your crybaby true bypassed or get a true bypass wah. Good cables will help too, but the boss isn't that much of an improvement over the behringer, especially for the price.
I've recently put one of those cheap behringer tuners in my chain and i can't notice any difference in the tone. As for a wah, morley tremonti wah is good, not sure if it's true bypass, but it seems very quiet.
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