I take my acoustic out in the summer, sit around with my grandpa and his old pals and play.
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jp, your guitar will be fine, just watch the temperature and humidity. dont play if its raining outside. and dont play when its snowing outside either. if you live in the south where the assholes get 100% sunlight all the ****ing time [/end anger problem]then you can take it out whenever. but if you live in the north like then your gunna have to wait until summer.
Just use common sense. If something is falling out of the sky, don't take it outside. Otherwise, if it's a sunny day and it's not really freaking cold (or *maybe* occasionally really freaking hot), go nuts. I used to play acoustics outside all the time. It's a fun atmosphere.
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Is this thread for real? I believe you will be the first to take an Ibanez out of a controlled environment...lol.
It'll be fine.
I love playing my acoustic outside when its nice, just dont get it wet, thats about it, oh and you have to drink beer when you play outside, its a necessity
It doesn't really make a difference. I mean common sense applies. Keep the guitar dry at all times. You can take it out in snow or rain as long as you play under cover and don't get it wet.

Aside from that, when you're not playing, have it kept in the case.
Don't leave it in direct sunlight for any real length of time.
Don't leave it somewhere like the trunk of a car on a hot day.
i was just playing pride and joy by Stevie ray vaughn when i saw this thread
What a coincidence
MY friend went to the beach and now his guitar is full of sand. LOL
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i was just playing pride and joy by Stevie ray vaughn when i saw this thread
What a coincidence

Well, I just started getting into some SRV last night, that's why the name came into my head as I wrote the thread.
I take my guitar outside when the weather is good. No problem at all.

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If it's raining or ice cold, yea.
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You need to make a decision as to what kind of guitar it is. If you have a rare guitar you like to polish them and hang on the wall, then that probably isn't the one to be playing outside at BBQs. This is more an issue for accoustic players, because you can play one anywhere, but you need to make a decision as to which guitar guitar is for the studio, and which one gets played around the campfire.

A friend of mine jams sitting on his front verandah, and usually leaves his guitar there if he goes out. If you turn up and he's not home yet, there's a guitar to play while you wait. If I ever have an office with a waiting room, I'll provide two accoustics for customer's use (our local musicians club has a sofa and a guitar in one corner - great idea).

If you always have your guitar just sitting around for people to play, it's going to get knocked around. On the plus side there will always be music in your home - the beater guitars are the ones that you and your friends write songs on.

As for taking it outside and being careful with it? Don't worry about it at all, just don't leave it out in the rain.
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