If I was to buy seymours or Dimarzios would I need to do any matching before I buy them or anything like that? Or is that just for hand wounds? Would it be possible to mix and match any 2 pickups? They always say that one pickups tends to go good with another... how is that possible when they are being used at different times... Why for example do they say a super distotion in the bridge goes well with a paf in the neck... can I put a super distortion in the birdge and a seymour in the neck? thanks
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yeah, it works just fine

certain pickups fit together better than others for a few reasons;

when used at the same time, they sound good
they're output levels are balanced (the bridge is a bit hotter than the neck)
they're used for the same style of music (you wound't put a Dimarzio X2N with a Mini-Humbucker)
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yeah you can mix and match pickups no problem. the reason why people have a super distortion in the bridge and a PAF in the neck is cos the superdistortion will do distortion well but clean poorly and the PAF will do clean well but wont give as much of an aggressive distortion as the super distortion.

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