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How has your musical taste developed through the years people? Like, timeline style if ya know what I mean.

Me would be:





Classic Rock
Celtic Punk

Political Rock

Political Rock

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal
Classic Rock
Hard Rock
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blink 182, green day and that like

now (13)
muse!!!!,SOAD,dragonforce,queen,bob marley, children of bodom,pink floyd and im just getting into acoustic stuff.
Erm.... why not.

5: Spice Girls and S Club 7 were the only bands on the planet.

8: Busted!

9: Rap & Hip Hop.

10: Nu-Metal for a very short period of time.

11: Metalhead. Hated Nu-Metal, rap, pop... most other kinds of music.

13: Mostly like Alternative Rock, Comedy, Punk and Metal. Also like Electronica, Indie, Pop, Garage, Ska/Reggae. I like most of what I hear, just not usually RnB.
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7-about 12

rock- a little metallica, live, hootie, aerosmith


hard rock-more metallica, ac/dc, the beginning of incubus, etc


classic rock-queen, foreigner, styx, rush, etc
hard rock-metallica, incubus, tool, etc

16 and 17

hard rock-pretty much only incubus, the new shit sucks nowadays.
heavy metal-in flames, arch enemy, slipknot, etc
classic rock-queen, the police, ac/dc, etc
acoustic-justin king!!!
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10: KoRn

15: Victor wooten
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Bands like Backstreet Boys, 5ive, etc. (Thanks MOTHER)

Classic Rock (Queen/Beatles anyone? I love my dad and grandfather!!)

No particular music taste

Random stuff download form Gnucleus (Anything that sounded fun)

70's disco

Soft Rock

Classic Rock

Glam/Hair Metal
Classic Rock


Coming soon... after March 27th.
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Anything with a clarinet (Started playing at 7, so it figures)

Anything on MTV
Anything some random person showed me

13 - started playing guitar
Hard Rock
Classic Rock
Thrash Rock
8-11 - Anything I listened to, from classic rock to 80's synth-pop.

11-15 - Classic rock predominantly.

15-17 - classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal.

17-19 - same as above, plus blues, jazz, folk, occasional pop songs, Classic.
i just sorta went like this
pop punk,
punk rock
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- Eleven and in year 7 -
1. New Found Glory
2. Green Day

- Twelve and in year 8 -
1. Tsunami Bomb
2. The Starting Line
3. Pearl Jam
4. New Found Glory

- Thirteen to Fifthteen and in year 8 to 10-
1. Pearl Jam
2. Alice in Chains
3. New Found Glory
4. Evanescence

- Fifthteen to Seventeen and in year 10 to 11-
1. Pearl Jam
2. Alice in Chains
3. Soundgarden
4. Evanescence
5. Michelle Branch
6. Vanessa Carlton
7. Stevie Ray Vaughan
8. John Mayer
9. Yngwie Malmsteen
10. Cacophony
11. Alanis Morissette
12. Smashing Pumpkins

- Seventeen to eighteen and in College and university-
1. Pearl Jam + a million other grunge bands including Screaming Trees/Mudhoney etc
2. Evanescence
3. Yngwie Malmsteen
4. Cacophony
5. Stevie Ray Vaughan
6. BB King
7. Albert King
8. John Mayer
9. Vanessa Carlton
10. Michelle Branch
11. The Wreckers
12. Jessica Harp
13. KT Tunstall
14. Alanis Morissette
15. Sheryl Crow
16. Smashing Pumpkins

- Eighteen to current (i'm almost nineteen) in university -
1. Vanessa Carlton
2. Jessica Harp
3. Michelle Branch
4. The Wreckers
5. KT Tunstall
6. Brad Paisley

When I'm 19, which is soon, i'm guessing my taste will be similar to when I was eighteen (the latter list above)
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5 - Backstreet Boys
6-7- acoustic stuff
8-10- Green Day
11-12 - nu-metal
13-14 - rap/hiphop, classic rock, rock, mainstream stuff
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Boy Bands


Hard Rock

Speed Metal
Power Metal
Death Metal
Black Metal
Classic Rock



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When I was around 10 I started listening to music. I listened to music before but didn't really listen if you know what I mean. First came The Beatles and then other classic rock, probably Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan next. I listened to almost nothing but classic rock for a couple years. This was in the mid-90s when rock music started getting shitty after the death of grunge. Post-grunge was very bland. It didn't do anything for me. I did listen to Oasis just because they sounded a bit like The Beatles. I was probably around 14 when I first heard The Smashing Pumpkins. Or first heard them and recognized the music as Smashing Pumpkins. I'm sure I heard some Mellen Collie stuff before and maybe some Adore stuff. But Machina was what brought me into pumpkinland. From there I began to listen to all kinds of early 90's grunge and alternative. In high school I really got into The White Stripes as well. Since then my tastes have broadened considerably. I listen to everything under the sun, probably the most recent obsession of mine is delta and original chicago blues. Tom Waits is another fairly recent favorite of mine. I've also had a metal period dominated mostly by Black Sabbath and Metallica and a punk period, mostly classic punk like The Ramones and The Clash but also The Offspring and Green Day and such. I also listen to a lot of indie/alt. country/alt. folk and stuff like that, the weirder the better usually, like Joanna Newsom, Cat Power, stuff like that. i'm also really into Irish folk, folk-rock, folk-punk, etc.
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age 5- not realy into music at the time
age 6-7- anything on the radio
age 8-10- started/ended rap fase, started listening to bands like nickleback (shoot me) Creed and some SOAD
11-12- started listening to metallica, more SOAD, still listened to Creed, started to listen to Pantera
13-14 - all of metallica's cd's bought, all of slayer's cd's bought, all of SOAD's cd's bought and started to download nu-metal, and pretty much anything heavy
14-15 - still into metallica and evrything heavy
15- current (almost sixteen) started to get into punk (blink 182) and started to like acoustic stuff (Zakk Wylde's solo acoustic stuff) and still listening to heavy metal (Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, and almost every heavy band that exists)
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9- queen and guns'n'roses only
13- maiden, megadeth and oasis only
15- everything metal
16- everything metal, gangsta rap and hiphop, electronica, pop, classic punk, drum and bass, industrial, cyber.
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Will Smith (Big Willie Style!)
Christina Aguilera
Green Day
Stone Temple Pilots
Guns N Roses
Velvet Revolver
Green Day (American Idiot)
Pink Floyd
Dashboard Confessional
Simon and Garfunkel
Billy Joel
Foo Fighters
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani

It is something like that. As you can see, I have matured Right now I'm liking Vai, Satriani, Dashboard, Foo Fighters, RHCP
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<10 = classical rock and other old music.
10-12 = limp bizkit, LP etc.
12-14 = rap (dr.dre, tupac etc.)
14-15 = moved more onto metal.
15-17 =heavy/trash/power metal tallica.
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Mine is too hard to explain it moved from Pop to metal then to EVERYTHING

Micheal Jackson -> Iron Maiden, Metallica -> grunge, ska, jazz, experimental, alternative, rock
up to 11 years old - Jazz, hip hop
12 - Grunge, hip hop
13 - Grunge, indie, hip hop
14 - Reggae, psycadelic rock/60's, hip hop, drum and bass
15 - Reggae, psycadelic rock/60's, metal, jazz
16 - Hardcore, metalcore, screamo, grindcore, rock, Irish folk music.
< 13
Easy listening and church music

Broadway and Classical

Contemporary Christian music (Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith)
More Broadway

17 (started learning guitar)
70's singer/songwriters (James Taylor, Jim Croce, Billy Joel)

Classic rock (Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac)
Blues (B.B. King, Robert Johnson)

More Classic rock (Led Zeppelin, the Band)
More blues (Skip James, John Lee Hooker)
Modern progressive rock and singer/songwriters (Jeff Buckley, David Gray, Damien Rice)

Everything from 17 on has stuck with me.
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6th and below - Cliche Classical, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock (Rush, Al Di Meola, Supertramp). Heavy influence from my fathers taste.
7th - Pop-Punk, Nu Metal, Southern Rock
8th - Alternative, Grunge, Southern Rock,
9th - Alternative, Grunge, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, some Progressive Metal and Symphonic Metal. During the end of this grade I started to develop a higher taste of liking instrumentation that was somewhat musical technical.
10th - Progressive Rock (70's to today), Progressive Metal, Death Metal, Post-Rock, Melodic Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Alternative, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Singer-Song Writers, and Grunge.
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<10 never really paid much attention to music
10-11 rap and stuff
11 got into pop-punk (sum 41, offspring, good charlotte)
12 developed into rock (foo fighters, nickelback, rhcp)
13 nu metal (linkin park, slipknot)
14 emo/post hardcore (FFAF, fightstar etc)
15 pretty much everything from pop-punk to death metal
12- rap

13- sum 41 hahaha

14- tacking back sunday, and like

15- The blood brothers and like TBS, fall out boy shit like that

16- erm. screamo,acoustic, relient k, TBS, the blood brothers, daphne loves derby the bled, opeth, symphony X, chiodos, alexisonfire, a heartwell ending, from autumn to ashes..omg too many **** this
Early years - stuff on light rock radio
Grade 6 - Sum 41
Grade 7 - Linkin Park and pop-punk
Grade 8 - Some alternative and Grunge
Grade 9 - A mix of Classic Rock, Metal, Grunge and Alternative
Grade 10 - Indie, Alternative and Post-Rock
Grade 11 - Rap, Indie, Electronica
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I didn't get into music until real late in life unfortunatly, or fortunatly depending on how you look at it

Classic rock, hard rock

Classic rock, hard rock, some Metallica, mainly just the Black Album

Classic rock, hard rock, getting heavier, more metal like Pantera

Hard rock, metal

Hard rock, punk, every metal genre, no hardcore or emo or anything like that though
well up until about 11 i liked pretty much w/e wasnt rly interested in music then my friend bought the AC/DC LIVE album and i was changed forever from thier i got deep into classic rock then into hair metal then to shred/neo classical
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6th grade and below: Nothing.

7th and 8th grade: Linkin Park, System of a Down, Sum 41, Eminem, and a bit of Evanescence

9th grade and beyond: Eventually, pretty much anything and everything in Western music except jazz, country, R & B, techno, and disco.
10, 11- Linkin Park was God.
12-13- Slipknot, Mudvayne, P.O.D., Mushroomhead, Marilyn Manson, etc. Punk was the scourge of the planet.
14-Currently I'm past nu-metal, now I go from heavy metal and some (just some) death metal, to emo, some more punk, and a little rap. I've expanded quite a bit. I still like P.O.D. a lot though.
Who dat?
7- spice girls(couldnt stop staring at em)
9- smash mouth
11- blink-182, green day, bowling for soup, linkin park, p!nk
13-taking back sunday, the hives, modest mouse, boxcar racer, alkaline trio, AFI, Dead Kennedy's, the casualties, sex pistols, the exploited
14-anti-flag, ramones, misfits, +44, weezer, dir en grey, flogging molly, nirvana
15-against me!, operation ivy, dropkick murphys, gorilla biscuits, metallica, slayer, radiohead, sonic youth, silversun pickups, and RHCP
Younger days: hair metal
10: pop
12: Nu-metal, then punk
13: Death metal, then grunge
14: Metalcore
15: Hardcore, then death metal
16: Black metal, now all metal and classical
when i was younger i liked britney spears, backstreet boys, 98 degrees and other horrible stuff like that. then i went on to rap, back when coolio was big and biggie and tupac were still alive. then i went to numetal, slipknot mudvayne marilyn manson etc. then i went to hardcore bands like poison the well, hope conspiracy, alexisonfire(selftitled) then i went on a little emo run listening to people like brand new, bright eyes, cursive. then i went back to hardcore with bands like between the buried and me, sawtooth grin, parkway drive. now im into mostly blues and classic rock, but still listen to hardcore and rap on a regular basis as well.
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<10=Pop and Iron Maiden lol.
10-12=Pop,Linkinn Park,Limp Bizkit etc..
12-13=Korn,Disturbed,System Of A Down,Nirvana
14-16=Metallica,Guns n Roses,Trivium,
17+=Testament,Megadeth,Opeth,Rancid,Daft Punk lol
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12 - pop/radio music
13-15 - Nu Metal and pop punk
16-17 - punk and alternative/indie
18 -19 - Punk, Pop Punk, Alternative, indie, modern rock, classic rock, classical, jazz, hip hop, rap, RnB, Blues, electronica
Everything always. But, nowadays... I hate most newer music... The new rock, rap and country... Well, like I said... Most of it... Some of it is decent.

Everything used to be good didn't matter want genre.


All African American music pwns. (Not new rap. But, the rest.) I wish I was black.
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3. White stripes - seven nation army

^ lol
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11 is about when i really started to take an interest in music so...

11. Nirvana, ACDC, Queen, Avril Lavigne
12. ^ + Blink 182 and Sum 41
13. ^ + Iron maiden, Metallica, Guns N' Roses
14. ^ + Red hot chili peppers, HIM
15. Maily listened to Classic Rock
16. Now listen to all types of rock, Folk, Punk (proper stuff like Ramones, Sex pistols, Misfits and Blink ) Metal, Grunge and blues...
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