I'm thinking of buying a Marshall Micro Stack. (Hence the title ) So is the setup any good? (specifically the amp head.)

I'm thinking of putting some nice Cellestions' in the two speaker cabs to replace the crappy stock speakers. However, would it still sound like crap with that head?

Is it worth it?
its a piece of crap unless you are loaded and have money to just throw around. it definitely looks cool. it would be an alright amp for just, like, messing around, but nothing with a full band. its quiet. not worth the money put it that way.
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I wouldn't bother with it, it's shite.
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About the only good thing about it is it looks good in the corner of your bedroom. But it's just an MG, and i'm sure you know how UG feel about MGs.
i wish it wasnt an mg. that micro stack is cute as hell

but yer iv tried big mgs and they suck ass. i doubt the little ones will be an improvement
A little MG is a great improvment, as its not as loud, thus not as big of a headache.
Theyre a joke. A novelty. Like mini amps. Or big foam #1 fingers. Its basically a 15watt MG. As a JOKE...Id say yea...but not for actual playing.