I'm thinking about getting D'addario light top/heavy bottom strings for D/drop C, but I only have one guitar, and sometimes I like to play in E/drop D. My question is, do you guys think the bottom strings (EAD) are too thick for standard? Would they break? Sound horrible? I'm sure I can handle the tension because of this acoustic I started out with, it was torture on my fingers... but anyways here's the gauge.

E .010
B .013
G .017
D .030
A .042
E .052
they won't break... just be more difficult to play... also thicker guage strings have better tone... so keep that in mind
I have those exact strings on my guitar.
However my guitar is a bit on the short scale side, so strings are generally a bit looser.
But they feel great and are the perfect tension for me, I normally stick to standard tuning though.
theyll be fine in standard, though IMO heavy bottom/light top string feel really really weird, and not in a good way.
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I've played with those particular strings in Drop D, Drop C, Standard D and Standard E. They'll be just fine. Except a little buzz when in Drop C/standard E if you're using a 24" 3/4 scale guitar though.

I've actually come to like heavy bottom strings better even when playing in standard tunings.
I use Ernie .9's for all my tunings from standard to C (not drop C) lol- it sounds a bit sketchy but you can pull it off
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It will work fine ive been doing the exact thing you want to do for a year and a half and its been great all the way thinner strings just sound to weak for me.
Yeah, I'm trying to get rid of the somewhat weak sound in drop C.

9's in C? Glad you like it, but I hated my 9's in drop C (so I didn't even try C), I thought it sounded WAY too weak. Then I got 10's in drop C and I'm barely satisfied with that. I saw a post saying that they use 9's from standard to drop B . Like I said, I'm glad it worked for him but that's GOTTA sound like shit.

But anyways, thanks guys. I'll definitely try this out.