anyway, do the kids in school of rock REALLY play or are they faking The Rock &and RolLinG LoL!!!!!!!!!
They play I believe.
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i'm pretty sure that they play.
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They play, although not during filming. THere's one part where you can see the kid moves his hand but the sound doesn't change. However, they really play and sing. I forgot all their names, but the guitarist kid is the son of a musician and has been playing for 4 years, probably of intensive trainign, and the drummist has been playing for 5 years or so.
they were all classical players before the movie though, like the actual storyline.
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Haha I just finished watching it coincidentally, and I was paying attention to whether or not they were playing. I know the guitarist Zack was definetly playing, and actually knew what chords he was playing. That fat chick that sings was lip synching though. The drums were kinda hard to tell, it seemed like it was him. Not sure about the bass or keyboards.
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