I've got a jackson dk2m dinky which comes with a JB TB4 in the bridge and Jazz SH2N in the neck. I really, really like the clean sound of the Jazz in the neck and i want to put in an emg 81 in the bridge because like everyone else I like the crunchy, powerful sound of zakk wylde's guitar although i don't know if i can mix the passive and active pickups?

I was gonna get the zakk wylde setup and put an 85 in the neck but i've been told they sound bad when playing clean and metal isn't all I play. So I'm guessing if i could have the jazz in the neck and 81 in the bridge i couldn't play the two pickups at once?

Also, i've heard that by wiring in another battery and bumping up to 18v the emgs sound better but i guess having only one emg then 9v is gonna be enough?

Any help would be great,

Cheers dudes
It's hard to have actives and passives together. They don't work together because of impendance differences, but you can have them in the same guitar, as long as they're not in the same circuit. I read about it in a magazine. You can have a 2-way switch to select between them, and let each have its own controls, but share a jack. I think that would work.
Get a Seymour Duncan Custom - it's the best Zakk Wylde sound short of EMGS - fat, thick, big, loud, and pinchy mc harmonic.
look into dimarzio activators... just as "powerful" as emg's... passive, better tone in my oppinion... just as hot and great harmonics