Any ideas how I could bring my Scottish heritage into Metal, as in scales, progressions, etc.? It's been done with so much other stuff I'm sure it could work.
I dunnno If there are any specific scttish scales but the mixolydian mode or dorian mode might work. You should research sum scottish tunes and see if you can work out what scales.technigues they apply.
the major and minor pentatonic were what a lot of old scottish songs were based off of. But so was a lot of japanese music so i dunno.
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The major scale is the most commonly used scale in the genre. The dorian scale is also commonly used.
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try natural minor ....... iron maiden use it on the clansman..... it wont get any more scottish and metal than that
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Scottish music makes extensive use of both the major and minor pentatonic.

But so do a lot of things, so, really, it's all about the rhythm that makes it sound Scottish.
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use the keys of Dmajor, Gmajor, D dorian, Gmixolydian...use droning alot...maybe try tunning to DADGAD
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Mixolydian - try to copy some of the ornamentation too ( bagpipes play doublings and other things like grace notes - try and copy this using hammer ons/pulls offs and by picking notes more than once ).