Im going to see them tonight and i cant wait! Its gunna be a great ****** show! If you have ever seen them let me here about it!
Forum>Bands&Artists>Hardcore(metalcore is included in the hardcore forum in UG land)

Delete this


There is probably a thread about them allready in the Hardcore forum all you have to do is use the search function at the top of this page. So please try to use the search function and the recommendation thread before starting a thread about a band.

Thank you in advance

I don't deny they are metalcore, but rules in UG are such that Metalcore goes into the Hardcore forum. So please try to fallow the rules, if you want to stay warning/bann free during your time in the Ultimate-Guitar Forum.
If not enjoy FOTB

Also don't post in a thread once it has been reported

Here is a thread you can post in about them:
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Sorry dude, I like KSE, but they don't really belong here.
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