I have an acoustic I won in a contest and I am taking lessons. It is good, but I need something I can rock out with. I am mostly interested in playing metal, though I will probably end up playing a variety of music anyway. One that is looking good is the dean avalanche 1. Tight budget, no more than $200, unless there is a really good one right above that.
Get a Yamaha. If you compare the price with the quality,there's no better. If you want something similar like the avalanche you might consider the Pacifica 112(don't get the 012 !!!they're crap) And I'm not just saying that because I have one
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Go for the Yamaha Pacifica 112, it's THE starter guitar IMO. Alder body, strat style with a humbucker in the bridge for your metal playing.
I agree, get a Yamaha. They also have bridge humbucker pickups too so its good for metal and other distortion sounds.
Cort G210 or maybe G250.. same features as the pacifica but better quality IMO
The gear is in the profile.
You know you want to take a look

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