My guitar is broken. I took it to a shop and it will cost more to fix it than its worth. So Im looking at buying a new guitar but I dont know what I want... Im thinking about a Les Paul. Mostly because I LOVE My Chemical Romance and I love Frank and Ray's guitars. I dont have too much money though... I had an Ibanez jumpstart pack as my first guitar and now that its dead I want to get the perfect guitar. Any suggestions?
What's your exact budget? And in what currency? Do you have any other music styles?
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If you like Les Paul the Epiphone versions aren't nearly as bad as every one else makes them out to be.
They said the pickups are dead. I dont really have a budget. Im almost broke but my parents *might* pay for some of it and I would work for the rest. So really no more than $500 at the most. I mostly play rock/punk/emo but mostly I play My Chemical Romance songs(im addicted to them :P)
i have an epi les paul custom. it plays and feels awesome. payed about $500 CD
Go out to your local guitar shop and try out all the Epiphone LP guitars you see.
dont go black. hard as hell to keep clean.
unless you get a satin finish and what youre looking at are gloss. everysmudge and smear will be seen by all!! lol
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I'm not sure what you're asking - you want a Les Paul in black or white so just get one!

that makes sense. I should just get a black or white Les Paul... hehe. Im so blonde today
At the guitar shop I was at they only had 1 Les Paul... So Im going to check out a few other places... Im so mad about my guitar but i do want a new one... Im afraid of getting a brand new one because I dont want to be too afraid to use it. But if it has a warrenty... I dont know. I will just look around
Dont get a guitar because it looks like somebody's guitar in a band you like. A low end epi wont sound like the elitists that they use. But if you like the FEEL and SOUND ie, the important things, of a les paul then get one of the epis in the 400-500 price range, there solid guitars. Or you could get the best bang for the buck and get a higher agile.

Such as....
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dont go black. hard as hell to keep clean.
unless you get a satin finish and what youre looking at are gloss. everysmudge and smear will be seen by all!! lol

When you own something shiny that you love, whether it's a guitar, a sportscar, or even a chromed set of spanners if you're a car nut like me, you enjoy keeping them shiny. Keep a soft cloth in the case and make it part of your pre-gig ritual. It's a way of showing affection for your tools. I've had my eye on a big block black strat for a while. It's all black, ebony fingerboard and a shiny black pegboard with a mirrored pickguard. If I owned it I'd lovingly polish it every time I played it. That particular one would never be my party guitar though, everyone needs a guitar that gets knocked around by your friends.

When I used to fence in competitions, sanding, cleaning and warming the steel was an important part of my warmup, it felt good seeing the metal come up all nice and shiny, helped me focus and kick the nerves (it's important to go in with warm steel, otherwise it snaps easily).
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Just move it around the fretboard
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I play My Chemical Romance songs(im addicted to them :P)

You don't deserve a guitar and nor do they. Listen to some decents bands.