record and how do you do it?

for example like do you put your computer mic right up to the amp or what?

or say you were recording bass and guitar how do you do that?
cubase is what i use... yea u could put ur mic up to ur amp, or you could get an adapter and plug straight into the mic port. Or get a line 6 guitar port.

If you want to record bass and guitar, you use your multi track recording software, record one on one track, then switch to the next track and record the other instrument.
get on limewire or another thing that does programs and download cakewalk pro audio 9...be sure it's 9...then, take your guitar signal, from your line out or processor, and just plug that into the mic input on your computer...tweak that and you should have some fun. and just go to a guitar store and ask for a low-Z cable if you want to use a regular mic instead of your somputer mic (which i highly recomend).
I either use the built in mic for my mac for the acoustic/electric, but I have also plugged it into an imac preamp using a 1/4th" to 1/8th" converter. I have plugged my electric into it also and used garage band to give it effects. I want to get a Shure SM57 and use that.
Stealth Plug into Guitar Tracks Pro V3, but I also use my Digitech DF-7 pedal as well
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I use Garageband on my Mac.

I plug my mic (SHURE SM57A Beta) straight into my computer and put in next to my amp.
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