im gonna do the talent show and i was wonderin what song should i do i want a song with great feeling
"smells like teen spirit" by Nirvana will make everyone go wild. i dont like Greenday, but a lot of people like their songs. Some Fallout Boy song too.
stillborn, voodoo child, or...like...some zepelin or pink floyd...in a talent show not too long ago, we did an acoustic version of Comfortably Numb...we pwned.
Its a talent show. Smells like teen spirit doesn't take talent. But yes it would make the croud go wild haha.
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if the bassist is any good, if youre ok and so is the singer do "higher ground" Chillis version
start with a song everyone knows that they'll go wild over (smells like teen spirit works or even though i hate this song sweet home alabama)
THEN start this awsomely technical and fast guitar solo/wanking thing and every1 will just stop going wild and stare at u w/ amazment!
btw are u from dallas PA?
the middle school is having a talent show today i think....
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somthing a little harder would make the crowd go wild better like some guns n roses or some ac dc, nirvana just seems to simple
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Freebird, everyone will go absolutely wild and just make up your own solo at the end in the same key
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