what's the best way to amplify vocals? We've done it before with a guitar amp, but it was a smaller gig, and we dont have any other big ones. Would running a mic through a mixer and out to speakers be enough? I have no experience with mixers, but it seems like it wouldnt make them much louder.
Yeah man. Your vocals will be loud enough if you just run them through the mixer to the speakers. You can also run the guitars through, but if its just a small gig then I would just run vocals through that and let the guitars just use their amps.
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Haha I dont know man. I'm not the tech guy of our band, but any mixer will do fine. Just make sure it has the enough channels, and Phantom power is always a big help. If you are looking for a small inexpensive one I can show you the one my band uses sometimes.
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Well heres the deal.

A powered mixer is going to be a mixer with a built in poweramp, this will power the signal for the speakers. If you don't get a powered mixer youll need a poweramp, that goes between the mixer and the speakers. There are also powered speakers in which the poweramp is built right into the speaker. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these options.
so what are some disadvantages of a power amp?

i dont want to boost the other signals, only the mic, we have enough power everwhere else, so could i go mic ---> Power amp ---> mixer
No, no, no the poweramp is to power the signal for the speakers.

Heres how it works.

Mics -> Mixer -> Poweramp -> Speakers

What other signals are you talking, your plugging all the mics you need to amplify into the mixer and than out into the speakers. If you only intend to have one mic why would you be worried about powering anything else?
im talking guitar and bass amps, run them through the mixer. Or do i not really have to.

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Alright so what would be the best way to achieve a good live setup with the following:

Guitar with 100w amp
Bass with i believe around 30 watts, not sure exactly what hes got tho.
Couple of mics
It sounds like you are really confused here.

If your planning to do the guitars and the bass mic them up or go direct, either from guitar or the PREAMP out. Do not plug the output from the power amp on your amp into the mixer. You don't really understand the function of the power amp in this case.

The speakers need something in order to power them, the mixer output is going to be at a very low voltage level and you won't end up with a high volume on the speakers. If you want an example of this which you can relate to guitars it's kinda like plugging your guitar into a pedal and then into the cabinet. You may get some sound but not nearly loud enough. That's where the power amp comes into play, the guitar will get plugged in to the preamp which adjusts the sound, than goes into the power amp where it gets the volume, and the signal is boosted to the level to played through the speakers.

Heres how you'd set it up live in a nutshell basically, it can get much more complex than this but this is the bare bones.

Sources all go into the mixer, either somehow directly at line level or through microphones.

Next these signals are mixed together at the mixer to what is needed.

Next the mixed signal will be fed into a power amp wherever it is.

Now the power amp will go into the speakers.

Out of the speakers will come the sound

This is bare basics of things things can become tricky when your talking about an actual live setup in which your dealing with all the monitor mixes, and processors...etc.
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