I wrote this while I was at work, and just bored. I could probably use some revising.
It took me longer to come up with a title than it did to write this, and i still don't think the title is that great, any suggestions for a new one would be greatly appreciated.

My Reflection In Pavement

As I am throwing myself from this imaginary
10, 000 story building
I see things ever so clearly,
And this all become surreal
I have tried to fight a war that I can't
Win, and you know I've tried
But if your heart was as cold as ice
Then I would die frozen in time.

Was there anything else that you wanted me to see
Besides the way you destroy and try to kill me
If I could've fallen a thousand miles, to find you here in peace
I would have fallen a million more, just to see you fall to pieces
And it's not that I hate you, because believe me I don't
It's the fact that you would do this to me is like daggers in my throat

I will turn away now, and forget everything you ever said
Because sometimes the things we wish were real, seem better off dead

It's like jump without a parachute, a fight without a cause
I foolish attempt to salvage, everything we should have lost
While I don't agree with the reasons, I'll admit it may be true
I just wish you'd try harder to see what love can do.

But I know...
Just as well as you know...
That it will never come down to you and me again

But sometimes I...
Wish I could die...
Thinking it would be much more serene being dead than in this skin.
Run, Run Farmer. Screaming! Bloody Murder
The daughters of question have been murdered!
Murdered! Murdered!
hm mtake out imaginary building, i think it's pretty much impliedif it has 10k stories.

"But if your heart was as cold as ice
Then I would die frozen in time."

I liked that. It was clever.

ididn't really liek the ending.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?