does anyone have or know where to find the tabs for the song "house of the rising sun"? im looking for the one version with the distorted guitar, not the original or the hendrix one, i think its a Pink Floyd cover but ive heard people saying its not Floyd but some band called Frigid Pink, i cant find the tab under none of those bands anyways ... so, help?
Your right its by a band called "Frijid pink" and i love it but i can't find the tab either, Does anyone have it?

I have already searched these forums with "frijid pink" and "House of the rising sun" and i've searched google and various other places but don't seem to be able to find one.

Can anybody help?
muse did one too... that was basically just the orginal but in downtuned power chords with bellamys usual guitar noise tricks
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The distorted song the first few chords are like "E, C, D, F" i think offhand. So give that a try. And yes indeed Muse have done it and its an animals cover