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7 20%
Amazing race
28 80%
Voters: 35.
Would you rather be on survivor or amazing race
^This post was probably sarcastic


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Amazing Race, no question.
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I like both, but definitely the Amazing Race just because of the fact that you get to see the whole world.
With a name like Yakult, it has to be good. Vote Yakult.

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I don't watch tv

don't fret,

i've only seen one episode of survoir and no episodes of amazing race

Amazing Race by far.
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Amazing Race.
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i dont think i could survive on survivior, all id do is bitch about how hungry i was and get voted off the first week
Amazing race, even though I'd get disqualified for sending in calls to the police saying my competitors sell crack to children.
Amazing Race just look at the titles Amazing race has an a postive adjective: Amazing while Survivor is just that, Survivor... yawn
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