I just upgraded to iTunes 7.1 [full screen cover flow yay]. Anyway, upon opening anew, about half of the songs in my iTunes library [roughly 2500] have little exclimation marks. Upon clicking an exclimation marked song, I got a message saying itunes could not find my song. I clicked locate, and it was in the exact directory it was supposed to be in. Further investigation determined that all my music was where it is supposed to be. So, I consolidated my library, that didnt help, and I quit and reopened, and that didnt help. In theory, i could do this for each 2500+ song, but i would much rather shove toothpicks in my eyes. If anyone could provide for me any one of the following:

A] Quick Fix
B] Program to do this for me [Mac OS X]

Would be greatly appreceated

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itunes=buying music

buying music=mass confusion among stealing UG'ers
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1) consolidate your library
2) delete all of the songs from your library in one go (but make sure the files are kept)
3) go to file/add folder to library and add the consolidated file

fastest way i know
go into your itunes music folder and select them all ,,then drag them into the itunes window,,,that should work,,,though you might have to go back and delete all of the ones with exclamation marks next to them
Every single version of iTunes I've had has done this. But it doesn't do it when I update, just randomly. Make sure in the future that you have saved your library to a seperate file to use when iTunes crashed again
make a folder specifiacally for music, put ALL your music in it, then make it your itunes libraray folder
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I'll tell you how to fix it.

Press ctrl+a, then press delete. If the window pops up asking if you want to keep the files or move then to the recycle bin, make sure you select "keep files". now all you have to do is re add all of the songs. Go to file> add folder. and then select the folder where you keep your music (e.g "My Music") and press OK.
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Well, if everything's where it's supposed to be, just:
1) Select all your music
2) Delete it from your iTunes library
3) Move all your music files into one folder
4) Add said folder to library
Shouldn't take too long
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itunes=buying music

buying music=mass confusion among stealing UG'ers

You don't have to buy music to use iTunes.
find out where all the files are. THey should be in the same place in album form. Now, out one folder and remember where that is. Go into Itunes and hit ctrl-A to select all and hit delete. Hit KEEP FILES, NOT send to recycle bin. Go to file, add folder and hit the folder i told you to remember.

Same thing happened to me and thats what I did.

ONly 2500? I got 10 days worth of music.