I'm going to crit For All You Know based upon your suggestion.

Before I do that though I'd like to say thanks for criting mine.I really enjoyed the way you did it.It was a fun read.

Now onto the song.


I wasn't expecting something like this from you.It is nothing like your others.

I like the flange effect and that riff is rockin'.

I like your vocals this time.I haven't really like them much on some of your others.
Your a good singer but they just don't seem to suit certian genres imo.

Where is the bass?There is a hint of it but thats just not enough.

The drums are brutal.

I get what you were trying to do with the layered vocals on the chorus but it doesn't seem to be quite right yet.

Dude.One of those riffs,the 16th note strummed one, really sounds similar to a certian horror score.(refer to avatar)

Great production by the way.Half of the work choosing your sounds and mixing.

This song has a lot of energy.

The whole thing kind of comes full circle doesn't it?

This is by far my favorite song of yours.I wish I could download it.

I might crit your dancey one soon but there you go for now.
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the intro sounds a bit off. the vocals are very pop. obviously this isn't really my style either lol. but good job, you seem to really have the pop theme down(i listened to your other songs too)
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Quote by kornflipsk8er

Dude.One of those riffs,the 16th note strummed one, really sounds similar to a certian horror score.(refer to avatar)

Hahaha, I can't really picture someone getting slaughtered to the sound of my music.

But thanks for the crits guys, keep 'em coming!

It's pretty good. Nice and catchy. I the like melodies, although they create a pretty confusing atmosphere because they're somewhat melancholic whereas the drums are very uptempo. Good vocals too.

Anyway, I think you should remix this. The guitars are too quiet and the drums too loud. The kickdrum got really annoying, although it could be different if this was played in a club or something.

All in all, good job!

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not exactly my cup of tea but cant deny your songwriting ability is pretty strong. It does sound very poppy, but still has decent leads plus a pretty good solo which i liked quite a bit! I bet if you played this song live at a school event the chicks would be all over you lol

keep it up
The opening riff is catchy but the guitar tone needs to more spiky. You have good songwriting ability, I like the mix of melancholy and up-tempo. There are some good "effects" in the song, such as the pinch harmonic squeals.

Mixing good do with a bit of work, vocals to loud, guitar needs to be more present, so the drums, and the bass drum does get annoying. Also the lead needs to get better.

Great song, would be amazing live, although it wasn't actually as dancey as I expected.

Anyway, crit mine? The pop rock one in my sig
It's good. I can here it on the radio, very modern. Love the song writing here, very good I must say what you've done is very clever. Mix sounds a little bit flat but hey thats home recording.

Drums and a bit dominant, needs more compression on each drum track but very good sound quality on the drums I must say - very clear yet full! Bass line...is there even a bass guitar in there?? If there's one thing missing its a more dominant bass line to bring out the disco style.

Awesome guitar riffs, thats one thing my music lacks is decent riffs. I can learn alot from you. I think you've got too much reverb on the guitars. Not quite clear enough.

Vocals are very good. Not far off professional! 'In my arms...' That part is the best!! Great stuff dude. 1:40ish where more vocal tracks are added to the mix, they don't gell quite as well as they could. Little bit off time.

2:30ish...the guitar solo. It's good. Not quite there with playing, slightly on and off with the rest of the mix.

Overal v good song. Great stuff. Nearly as good a mine nah joke their both equal i reckon.
Question: how do you record your guitars?
i quite like it. the opening riff needs to be fattened out a bit, it sounds quite distant. As everyone has said, the songwriting is quite strong. Bring out the vocals a bit more, there's too much compression there....

it's actually mixed quite well, but I like to hear songs where the vocals are at the fore. Overall I like it, as someone said, it would really go down well live.

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