Yo everyone. I've been reading over these forums for a month or two now, and decided I would join. Anyways...on to why I made the topic.

I've decided to start learning how to play electric guitar. Well actually I already kinda can...I can only play parts of Them Bones and Smoke On The Water..moving on..I had a guitar before, but it was a crappy First Act from Walmart. So now I'm looking for a new guitar..but I have no idea what to get. Of course I want great quality, but it has to look good to. My limit right now is 0-$250.

great qualtiy and looks for 250 bones? i dont see that beeing doable, try a squire starter pack from your local guitar store though
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Try a Squier Strat, looks like a strat, but is ALOT cheaper, no where near as good though. But great beginners guitars. I still have mine, and play it when my other guitar is out.

Also, go down a proper guitar shop. And ask to try out some guitars. Speak to guitarists there. And any mates of yours that play guitar.

Hope I helped.
Um, if you have a nice computer get this. I wish i would have started with this, it would have made things so much easier, and with the rest of the money, you can get a cheap practice amp. It dosen't look that bad, and I'm sure you could change the pickups later.
I was checking out the front page of musician's friend and godamnit it man they're selling Epiphone Dot Studios for U$199. I played this guitar once before and it was awesome, i honestly cant think of a better deal for you right now. Seriously check it out.
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