sorry if this has been done. i tried searching and there was 500 pages :O i went through the first 7 before giving up

so my apologies

iv been looking more and more into blues and jazz and stuff like that. probably more jazz than blues but yer

what songs should i have a go at?
i like to try and improv coz its fun but i sound crappy and dont know what to play. it all ends up sounding the same.

iv been trying to learn theory but i have the attention spand and intelligence of a mildy retarded chimp.
but if its neccessary ill suck it up and give it my best

any suggestions for songs
which scales i should learn

help is much appreciated.
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well, lets see...

which scales i should learn
any and every scale you can.

also, theory is a must. learn absolutely all of that you can too. knowing how to read music is also very important. i'm talking standard notation. also, work on improvising. lots of jazz guitarists can listen or look at a piece of music and solo over it on command.

hope this helps. as for music? you might as well go to a music store and buy a jazz book and just look through the pages
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Yeah, learn every scale that you can.

As for songs, learn some gypsy jazz Learn Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt.

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