I'm looking for an easy strumming song w/ a good melody, preferably not needing a capo. I want to be able to play it and it sound good by itself, not with any other vocals or instruments to add the melody. i guess what i'm saying is solo guitar.
links for good tabs would be appreciated!
good riddence (time of you life) by green day.
sitting wishing waiting by jack johnson
hear you me by Jimmy eat world
and try babe im gonna leave you by led zep (don't try to sing it)
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I've never played guiar before. Is it communist?
Behind Blue Eyes-The Who
A Day in the Life-The Beatles
Let Your Love Be Strong-Switchfoot
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The scientist-Coldplay
Yellow W/ cape- Coldplay
I love Coldplay, but both of those songs are horrible drab without any singing or accompaniment. They're simply 4 or 5 chords played in different orders throughout the song with straight strumming. Nothing particularly interesting about them. I saw a couple kids play these before at coffee houses, and they played them fine, but they were awfully boring.

Beautiful Disaster by 311 would be kinda fun to play without accompaniment, but it's not really a "strumming with nice melody" kind of tune. Jack Johnson and John Mayor have some nice simple acoustic tunes.
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