hi guys it seems that i have bit problem in getting to right tune for my amp in order to suit the songs that i've been playing~ i hve read some of the threads based on amp tunings and its really cool! thx and great job to them~ buw now i'm trying to play some indie/ alternative rock stuffs (exp: we're scientist, muse, artic monkeys etc) & i cant seem to get the right tune~ i'm still new in playin guitar so basically i bought an unkown brand 2nd guitar and amp lol~ i'm having a 15volts amp from behringer and a les paul from fernandez~ hopefully someone could help me out thanks
ummm... do you mean tone?
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i was gunna say, tune???

yeah, for indie, keep treb. kinda high.8/9
bass middle 6/7, and make the mids, in the mids.6/7

but, i like everything at 11
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ah just something greyfox said reminds me of the movie spinal tap. "yeah.. but...mines goes to 11" classic entertainment