(Note; this thread is to inform and entertain about the loudest non-musical noise america has ever produced short of a bomb. I felt the pit could appreciate this)

With one of these bad boys!


these big red sirens are among the loudest things known to man. Just read the testimonials!

CHOPPED AIR: The world's loudest siren. "We guarantee 138 db at 100 ft. from throat", he said. "Engine is 180 hp Chrysler V-8 industrial. The American Blower Corp. supplied the parts for the compressor and Chrysler machined it. We guarantee 189 db at the throat. We guarantee a radius of 2 miles (4 mile radius in favorable conditions)". Siren weighs 8,000 lbs and costs $5,500.

The New Yorker, 1952

At maximum RPM, with short acoustic-coupler (horn-extension) the Bell-Chrysler air-raid siren generates 138 dbC (approximately 134 dbA) at 100 ft. or 30 meters, 0 degrees on axis, in anechoic, full space environment, and an estimated 30,000 watts of overall acoustic power. The three Kockums steam horns mentioned above would generate around 132 dbC (approximately 126 dbA) at 100 ft., 0 degrees on axis, in anechoic, full-space and about 50,000 watts of overall acoustic power.

As our bodies are over 80% water, the siren's effects on humans at close range can be harmful if not fatal. The threshold of pain is 130 dB; anything above that level causes immediate physical damage. The Chrysler Air Raid Siren produces that level of sound nearly 200 feet in front of the projectors. To give some perspective, the sound level on the deck of an aircraft carrier 50 feet from a jet taking off on full afterburner has been measured at 130 dB. So next time the crab next door complains about your music being too loud, crank up your siren and liquefy his car where it sits.

This siren weighs around 3 tons and is louder than a Who Concert. Yay.
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I saw something like that on future weapons. How are you going to get 3 tons to your house and lug that around?
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I think I'm reporting this.

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Why would you report this?
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I agree, i always help people up. At the last show we all protected this little kid who was tying his shoe in the middle of the pit.

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I saw something like that on future weapons. How are you going to get 3 tons to your house and lug that around?

I'm not going to buy it, although hauling it with a flat bed tow truck is not such an issue.

I just noticed one of these in my area and thought it was cool. If there was a way to plug a guitar into it, it would be godly.
who the hell has use for such a thing. Besides pissing everyone off and making ppl deaf its virtually useless
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