Its a Lotus thats all i know, i bought it from a friend for 30bucks. Its seems very old, like maybe 20-30years old, its got lots of stratches and its a lefty(Im a righty) but i arranged the strings right. Heres a pic

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\l_4b1d93e35491409dadee6959b15a8993.jpg

I hope that link works but if not tell me. I was just wonderin' if you guys ever saw one of these, cause i've tried lookin' up lotus' but i cant find anything. i dont know if its rare or if its just really old. So.. lemme' know if you guys know anything about these guitars.

post picture properly first.
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Imageshack, not your local doc.
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upload the pic first to some host like minipic.com and then post it using the link u'll get from there.
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hehehe, he posted a link to his hard drive.

That might help me if i'm a hacker. But I aint. Upload to Photobucket.com