I was looking up something to do with .GIF files and somehow found this website.

The guy says he plays all these games in his mind and then makes animations of them and has posted them. Theyre in 'real time' and involve jumping thousands of feet into the air and then slamming into the ground at the speed of sound, creating a giant shockwave without getting hurt, or gliding up the sides of mountains, and all this stuff. He has big races across rivers and mountains, and he seems really serious about everything.

Its pretty strange and funny, especially becuase he has a pretty big website dedicated to it.

--------------> www.ULILLILLIA.com
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This is pretty weird.

I know, it almost seems harmless but at the same time creepy.
ha? i dont get it.
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I dont get it either, its just random and weird. Read the section "2.2 Common things in my mind game"

"Run without touching the ground and without using machines at speeds exceeding well past the speed of sound (for horizontal movement, I've reached about mach 2.5 or about 1800 mph). " <-- HAHAHA
"This animated GIF above shows some of the few thrills and crazy stunts I do in my mind game."

"The animated GIF above shows a great example of what I do in my mind game."

"The animated GIF at the top closely relates to what I do in my mind game."

The GIF guys, the GIF...

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It is a bit weird. I mean I used to day dream a lot when I was younger, but to make a site for it? I don't know.. odd.
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errrm?? what the?

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errrm?? what the?

thats exactly what i thought when i found it...
i think this guys insane
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haha well i was looking cus its weird, he seems like hes a little insane, but who knows
If you like the way my mind game sounds, you might be interested in The Supernatural Olympics, my 2D game which strongly mimics it. There are two editions available. There's the free edition, in which you don't have to pay anything for it and you'll get most of the features, often with some minor limitations. The full edition has everything unlimited and a little extra, but costs $12.95 per license (with free updates). See the second-to-the-last link in the list of links below for further details.

you have gotta be kidding me....
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Haha the last two posts are prime examples of how weird this dude is. hahahaha 2D supernatural olympics!

i hadnt even noticed the section on real life tips and tricks thats ****ing hilarious