Hey all, I'm new here, I tried searching for something like this but to no avail, so I apologize ahead of time if there's another topic like this.

In any case, I've been thinking of playing an instrumental song with my friend who plays rhythm guitar, and I need some help picking out a song. I'm not great at guitar, been playing for around a year, get a lot of compliments but its easy to impress a non-guitarist. I can play a lot of canon, not the sweeps, can't sweep pick, can do rakes, can play the SRV Voodoo Child solo in the middle with the rakes, can play The Crying Machine by Vai to give you a feel for what I may be able to play.

Now I wont play any of those songs because, I don't really like Canon and I'm sure I forgot it by now, my rhythm guitarist does not want to play the Vai song, and SRV isn't instrumental.

Any ideas? I dont care who makes it so long as it sounds good and isn't too heavy, our target audience is really old people, but I don't want soft acoustic songs, some nice uptempo but not metal up your stuff. I'm not a very big fan of Joe Satriani, although I really do respect him, I love Vai, Marty Friedman, and Eric Johnson, I listen to a lot of classic rock and basically like a lot of genres.

Thank you in advance, I'm new here so please forgive me for anything stupid haha.
Musical Death by TestAmenT. go for it lol.
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Jessica by the Allman Brothers perhaps? Or is that too soft?

Hmm, I was thinking about that song, but it's pretty long, and it may not sound too good without the piano if I remember correctly..., in any case I'll add it to the list, and talk to my friend about it tomorrow.

Edit: That song is awesome! I just heard it wonder if I can play it, haven't heard all of it yet but I like it so far, in any case thanks for making me hear it!! And we have an instrumental song we made together, that's also on the list of ideas. Thanks!
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I don't know if I should be double posting.. but I tried the song and I can play some of the lead and messed around with other stuff during the sweeps.. but the rhythm at the beginning looks kinda hard.. My friend is better at that kind of stuff than me.. so I'll let him hear it. In any case I got a new band to listen to!
justin king, look up his stuff
if you need i have a couple tabs of his, pm me if needed.
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I checked out Justin King, sorry he's not my style, and in any case from what I heard I doubt I could play it, he's pretty amazing haha. So far the Testament song is our best bet, and in any case I'm learning it because I like it, but it's a really sad song.. Any more ideas to put on our pending list?